PKB-W series

99-120W Eighth Brick Isolated DC/DC Converter

The PKB-W series is an analog isolated DC/DC converter in an eighth brick format. They offer a Vout range between 3.3-12V and an ultra-wide Vin range from 18-75V. It's typically needed in telecom and Industrial applications.

These converters can deliver up to 120W and have a high efficiency up to 91.5% typical at 48Vin / 100% load.

The PKB-W series can operate over a temperature range from -40°C up to +110°C and offers an MTBF of up to 17 million hours.

Standard features for this model include remote control, output voltage adjust, remote sense, over-voltage protection, over-current protection and over-temperature protection. Modules are available with or without baseplates to facilitate different cooling methods.

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