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Application areas with different needs

We have taken into consideration application specific requirements and demands when designing and developing our DC/DC converters. Find the one which suits your purposes best.

We have a long heritage of supporting the Telecom segment. Powering applications such as routers, switches, servers, base station equipment, optical networks, session border controllers, gateways or other networking devices, we have a wide portfolio of Isolated or Non-Isolated DC/DC solutions delivering up to 700W or 360A respectively.
We offer a wide portfolio of DC/DC products up to 700W specifically targeting RFPA applications used in wireless base stations, distributed antenna systems, remote radio heads and microwave backhaul systems for example. These devices can also be used within power over ethernet applications which require bulk power at ~50V.
AI, deep learning, autonomous vehicles, cloud computing and IoT have caused the power levels consumed by the global network of data centers to boom. We offer a multitude of Isolated and Non-Isolated DC/DC solutions up to 7.5kW or 420A respectively to maximize system efficiency and hence minimize power dissipation.
The Industrial segment covers a huge range of applications typically requiring DC/DC solutions from 5V, 12V and 24V supplies. We now offer a wide and growing range of solutions to support customers in this area, offering the high reliabilities and rugged designs needed here.
Transportation and railway
Within the Transportation segment, be it for railway, buses, trams or other forms of mass public transport, there is an ever increasing demand for electronics for safety and for passenger information, comfort & entertainment. We now offer a wide and growing range of DC/DC solutions delivering up to 300W in this area.

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