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Wide input DC/DC converters for railway

News • November 15, 2019

Flex Power Modules introduces power modules for railway rolling stock

  • High performance/price ratio
  • Compact half-brick package saves space
  • High efficiency of up to 92%, reducing power dissipation
  • Wide input voltage range and comprehensive input/output protection increase reliability in harsh environments

Flex Power Modules announces the PKJ7200 and PKJ7300 series of power modules for railway rolling stock equipment. The new modules are designed for the demands of the EN 50155 standard for railway applications, including a wide input voltage range, surge protection, power interruption and backup, wide operational temperature range, and resistance to shock and vibration.

The modules achieve high efficiency of up to 92% at full load, which reduces power dissipation. They are provided in a compact half-brick package, delivering high power density and thus saving space.

To handle the multiple different voltages used on trains, they have a wide input range of 60VDC to 160VDC. This means they are capable of handling harsh input voltage conditions, making it easier to cope reliably with the brownouts and transients that can occur in railway rolling stock. To protect against damage for both the modules and the devices they power, the modules provide input under-voltage protection (UVP) and output over-current protection (OCP), over-voltage protection (OVP) and over-temperature protection (OTP).

The PKJ7200 series offers 200W of output power, while the PKJ series delivers 300W. Both series provide output voltages of 12V, 13.8V, 15V, 24V, 48V and 54V.

Olle Hellgren, Director of Product Management and Business Development at Flex Power Modules, said: “Railway rolling stock places tough demands on power components, with a wide range of voltages, unpredictable variations in supply, and physically harsh conditions. The new PKJ7000 power modules provide the reliability, performance and affordability that’s needed.”

The first two devices in the new series, the PKJ7216 and PKJ7316, is available in OEM quantities.

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