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USB-PMBus Adapter Kit

This product serves as an interface adapter or a bridge between a host PC (IBM™ compatible) and one or multiple PMBus design/evaluation boards via a standard type-A to mini-B USB cable.

The communication between the USB-to-PMBus adapter and the host PC is via USB, while the communication between the USB-PMBus adapter and PMBus design/evaluation board(s) is via an inter-integrated circuit (I2C) and/or general-purpose input/output GPIO. The bridge converts communication transactions between the USB and the PMBus.

The USB-to-PMBus adapter is needed to connect to any of our digital Evaluation Boards.

The FAB8020785 USB-PMBus adapter kit is available for fast delivery from DigiKey HERE

Alternative compatible USB Interface Adapters include TI's USB-TO-GPIO2 (suitable for use only with Flex Power Designer v4.6.0 or later).

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