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New ultra-small IBC developed together with onsemi

News • October 13, 2022

Developed in collaboration with onsemi, the non-isolated and unregulated BMR313 delivers a peak power rating of 3 kW in an ultra-small package, just 23.4 x 17.8 x 7.65 mm, yielding an astonishing 908 W/cm3 power density. Input voltage range is 38 – 60 V and the 4:1 input to output ratio yields an output of 9.5 – 15 V. With 97.2% efficiency at 54 V input, the continuous output power capability is 1 kW, and the part is thermally optimized for cold wall mounting on the top side. The BMR313 is offered in the industry-standard LGA footprint and pin-out.

We worked with onsemi in the design of the BMR313 to leverage the advantages of the FD6000, onsemi’s latest generation, intermediate bus digital controller. The FD6000 supports integrated PMBusTM telemetry, required in the product target application of data processing. The controller uses onsemi’s resonant DC Transformer (DCX) topology, operating at higher than 1 MHz for small size while maintaining high efficiency. The onsemi controller is also flexible and can be utilized for future variants of the IBC range with higher and lower input to output conversion ratios.

“Our collaboration with onsemi in the development of the BMR313 has enabled us to achieve remarkable power density for demanding, space-constrained applications,” comments Mikael Appelberg, CTO of Flex Power Modules. “onsemi provided excellent support, customizing firmware to our specific requirements.”

“We are extremely pleased with the level of innovation in energy efficiency and density achieved by combining Flex Power Modules’ and onsemi’s technical talent and technological capabilities,” says Roberto Guerrero, general manager of the Cloud Power Solutions business unit at onsemi. “Flex Power Modules BMR313 and onsemi’s FD6000 are setting a new standard in powering the cloud.”

Come and see us at booth C2 the OCP Global Summit in San Jose, 18-21st October.

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