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BMR313 series

Non-isolated, unregulated IBC delivers 1kW continuous power & 3kW peak power

The BMR313 is a non-isolated, unregulated digital IBC (Intermediate Bus Converter) developed in collaboration with onsemi that delivers 1kW of continuous power, and 3kW of peak power in an ultra-small package measuring just 23.4 x 17.8 x 7.65mm (LxWxH). Operating over an input voltage range of 38-60V, the 4:1 input to output ratio results in an output range of 9.5-15V.

At an input voltage of 54V, the efficiency of the module is as high as 97.2% at 50% load (40A), and the part is thermally optimized for cold wall mounting on the top side. The BMR313 is offered in an industry standard LGA footprint and pin-out for security of supply and second-sourcing. The incredibly compact package can deliver a power density of more than 900W/cm3 or 15kW/in3 when delivering peak power to the load.

Designed in particular for powering cloud based applications including AI, machine learning and hyperscale computing, the BMR313 brings new levels of power density and flexibility to this demanding market, since it also integrates a PMBus interface for ease of monitoring, configuration and control capabilities, and enables easy integration with the Flex Power Designer design tool.


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