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Flex Power Designer adds support for AMD-Xilinx Power Estimator imports

News • August 20, 2020

The new release 4.0 introduces support for importing load data (.xpe) for AMD-XilinxVirtex UltraScale+ FPGAs from AMD-Xilinx Power Estimator. It contains a new system optimization feature for finding products and optimizing bus voltage based on configured loads. It also contains improvements for load transient simulations as well as support of the new DC/DC PoL converter PMU.

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This release includes correction of errors and implementation of change requests.

Some of the highlights are listed below:

• Adds safe operating range to thermal plots

• Includes Vout accuracy and ripple in the load transient plot

• Adds an option to adjust Vout set point based on droop and load step in the load transient plot

You can watch a recent webinar about this functionality HERE

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