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PMF series

10A Non-Isolated DC/DC PoL Regulator

The PMF series are POLATM compliant non-isolated DC/DC PoL regulator in the POLA standard footprint, 22.1×12.57×8.51mm (0.87×0.5×0.335in).

They offer a Vout range between 0.8-2.5V (PMF4000 series), 0.8-3.6V (PMF5000 series), 0.8-5.5V (PMF8000 series). Vin range from 2.95-3.65V (PMF4000 series), 4.5-5.5V (PMF5000 series), 10.8-13.2V (PMF8000 series).

These converters can deliver up to 10A and have a high efficiency up to 94.1% typical at 3.3Vin / 2.5Vout / 100% load (PMF4000 series).

The PMFs series can operate over a temperature range from -40°C up to +85°C and offers an MTBF of up to 4 million hours.


Model Vin Vout Pout Iout Eff Size Mount

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