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BMR351 series

1600 W Digital Quarter Brick IBC with peak power

Main Features

The BMR351 is a non-isolated digital Intermediate Bus Converter (IBC) with PMBus® interface. The device delivers up to 1600 W of continuous power at efficiency levels of up to 97.8% (measured at half load) in an industry standard quarter brick measuring 58.4 x 36.8 x 14 mm using an integrated "open deck" baseplate or 14.7mm using a flat baseplate which enables simplified conduction cooling to the customers' heatsink or cold plate. Peak power delivery of up to 2320 W (200 A) is available for <0.5s.

The input voltage range is 40-60 V which is suitable for 48/54 V applications such as those found in Data Centers, High Performance Computing and Cloud Computing applications for example, and the fully regulated output voltage of 12 V nominal (adjustable from 8-13.2 V) makes it suitable to be used to power downstream Point of Load (PoL) converters and integrated power stages such as the BMR510, as well as powering circuitry that needs a tightly regulated output.

Key Benefits

The BMR351 offers another alternative solution to Flex Power Modules' customers when choosing an IBC for systems transitioning from legacy 12V feeds to a 48V feed. The fully regulated output and industry standard design makes it suitable for a wide variety of applications.

The BMR351 includes an Event Data Recorder feature (also known as a "Black Box"), which automatically stores essential operational condition information to a non-volatile memory in case of a fault/shutdown or catastrophic failure, which is hugely beneficial with fault diagnosis and failure analysis since it can be interrogated via the PMBus® interface.

An innovative transformer-coupled non-isolated topology reduces component count and current stresses, and delivers efficiency levels of up to 97.8%.

Paralleling of converters is supported using passive Dynamic Load Sharing (DLS), which enables multiple converters to be combined together to deliver higher power if required.

The BMR351 also includes over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current and over-temperature protection functions. As with all Flex Power Modules’ DC/DC converters, it complies with IEC/EN/UL 62368-1 safety standards.

The BMR351 includes a PMBus® interface for digital Configuration, Monitoring and Control, and is supported by our own Flex Power Designer tool.


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