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BMR473 series

40 A Non-Isolated Digital POL Regulator

The BMR473 series is a non-isolated digital DC/DC PoL (Point of Load) regulator that offers exceptional levels of power density for today's most demanding applications. It is available in both a SIP (Single Inline Package) configuration, and a horizontal mount package.

Delivering up to 40 A at output voltages from 0.6 V to 1.8 V, 30 A from 1.8 V to 3.3 V, and 20A from 3.3 V to 5 V (100 W max), the total output voltage adjust range is from 0.6 V to 5 V, and the input voltage range is from 6 V to 15 V. This wide input range makes it suitable to be fed by fixed ratio intermediate bus converters which can deliver up to 15 V when being fed by a 60 V supply (4:1 ratio).

Excellent thermal design, efficiency levels up to 96.1% (12Vin / 5Vout / 100% load), and a custom inductor design enables full load operation even with an 85°C ambient temperature with a 2.5 V output and only natural convection cooling. Higher ambient temperature operation is possible with suitable derating and cooling.

High reliability is ensured with an exceptional MTBF figure of 38.39MHrs.

Up to 4 devices can easily be paralleled to provide up to 160 A of total current, and the PMBus® compatible digital modules utilize synchronization and phase spreading via the Flex Power Designer tool to minimize EMI and reduce input capacitance needs.

The vertically mounted SIP package makes the device particularly suitable for applications where board space is at a premium, taking up a footprint of just 2.3 cm2.


Model Vin Vout Pout Iout Eff Size Mount

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