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PKM-W series

50-150 W Ultra-Wide Input EN50155 Compliant Quarter Brick Isolated DC/DC Converters for Railway applications

The PKM-W series are encapsulated 50-150 W EN50155 compliant DC/DC converters in the standard quarter brick format, designed for industrial and railway applications.

The PKM-W series offers high efficiencies of up to 92% at max load at 72Vin, 15Vout. Output voltage configurations of 5V, 12V, 13.8V, 15V, 24V, 48V, and 54V are available. The 50 W models offer an ultra-wide input voltage of 12-160Vin, and the 100W models operate from 14-160Vin. The 150W models operate from 16-160V, and include a boosted VBUS hold-up pin to aid in the reduction of external hold-up capacitance.

The encapsulated design makes them suitable for harsh environments, and input to output isolation is 4000V. The parts meet IEC/EN/UL 62368-1 safety requirements and are also compliant to the EN 50155 and EN 45545-2 railway standards.

Standard features include output over voltage & temperature protection, input under-voltage protection, short-circuit protection, monotonic startup, and remote sense & remote control.


Model Vin Vout Pout Iout Eff Size Mount

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